Monthly Archive: April 2021

Embankment 0

Construction Methodology of Embankment

SCOPE This work deals with laying, spreading, and compacting embankment layers with approved materials as per clause 305 & 900 of MORT&H specification. MACHINERY Excavator End Dumper Dozer Motor Grader Water tanker with sprinkler...

Introduction to EVM 3

Introduction to Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management is a comparison of the actual costs of work executed with the budget costs of work executed. For example, every company has some sort of tracking system to indicate how it...

Site Clearance 0

Construction Methodology of Site Clearance

Clearing of land for preparation of the site to start construction activities is called Site Clearance. In other words, Site Clearance is the preliminary/initial process to start the work for construction. This work shall...