Construction Technology and demand for the construction

Construction Technology is the ability to use the acquired knowledge in building structures. Moreover, It refers to the collection of innovative tools, machinery, modifications, software, etc.

for example, Homes, Roads, Office Buildings, shopping centres, schools, airport etc.


Imagine how your life would change if you were propelled back in time.

Suddenly, you live in a simple shelter made of animal skin.

There is no building filled with good and general merchandise. How will you feed yourself?

Roads do not exist. How will you travel?

There are no pipes bringing safe drinking water to your shelter.  What will you do for water?

without Construction Technology, our present quality of life would be impossible.


Fig.1 – without construction technology

With Construction Technology, How will be our daily life? Let’s see now

  • We enjoy Climate controlled buildings
  • Water treatment plant delivers safe drinking water
  • Sanitary sewers carry waste
  • Storm sewers carry away excess rainwater
  • We travel from one place to another using roads, railroads, airports and seaports.
  • The world, communicate instantly without friends and family and illuminate our homes and business.

Fig.2 – with construction technology

Demand for the Construction

There are seven major technological systems that satisfy the needs of people.

  1. Agricultural systems – Raise animals and grow plants. Food and fibre are the outputs of these systems.
  2. Communication systems – includes audio and video messages.
  3. Construction systems – build structures, roadways etc.
  4. Energy and Power systems – includes electrical and natural gas industries.
  5. Manufacturing systems – Convert materials into useful products at a centralized location.
  6. Medical systems – maintain health and treat injuries and illness.
  7. Transportation systems – move people and products from place to place.

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