What is Fibre Reinforcement Concrete?

Fibre Reinforcement Concrete is a mixture of concrete plus fibre. The fibre in concrete helps to hold together but, doesn’t give strength. fibres help concrete in gaining strength after cracking.

Fibres are used in thin concrete or glass members.

For example,

  1. Thin concrete slabs
  2. Window glass

Which is better among rebar and fibre? I say undoubtfully, its rebar.

As we know, concrete is strong in compression and weak in tension. By providing rebar in the tension zone of concrete, It helps in gaining strength.


Fig.1 – Cement Concrete with steel

Does anyone have doubt that Can we use both rebar and fibre in concrete?

Yes, by using both rebar and fibre, concrete attains more strength. To clarify, Rebar is for major loads and Fibres keep cracks small.

By, Placing fibres randomly in concrete, During cracking some fibres will help and some may not. Therefore, it is tough to predict how fibres will perform.


  1. It helps the concrete to hold together.
  2. minimizes the crack forming
  3. Increase the toughness of concrete


  1. Acts as reinforcement
  2. Reduces damage in the fire


  1. Micro Fibre and
  2. Macro Fibre

Microfibre is a flexible material with a size of less than half an inch or 12.5mm. It is used in fresh concrete therefore, it helps the concrete to prevent from cracking. Microfibre is used in concrete at a rate of 1.2kg/cum.

Macrofibre is a stiff material with a size of more than half an inch or 12.5mm. It is used to strengthen the concrete from beginning days to years. Macro fibres can be steel, glass, plastic etc. Macrofibre is used in concrete at a rate of 2.4kg/cum.

In Conclusion, Fibre Reinforcement Concrete is used in runways, taxiways, aprons, seawalls, dock areas, parking and loading ramps. Moreover, FIbres increases the concrete cost by 10-15%.

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