What is Road Delineator and Uses

A Road Delineator is an instrument or device used to mark the boundary of a road. Especially at night, it gives drivers visual guidance on the alignment of the road in front of drivers. Usually, reflectors are attached to the delineators to improve visibility at night. In difficult locations with variations under horizontal or vertical geometry as well as in extreme weather circumstances like snow, fog, or rainstorms, delineators are very useful.


There are three types of delineators

Roadway Indicators

Roadway Indicators are in the form of guide posts, 0.8 to 1.0 m high and painted by black and white strips with or without reflectors and are intended to delineate the edges of the roadway so as to guide the drivers about the alignment ahead.


Hazard Markers

Hazard Markers are approximately 1.2 m high plates on posts, either with three red reflectors or markers with black and yellow strips at 45° towards the side of obstruction, meant to define obstructions or objects close to road.

Hazard Marker

Object Markers

Object markers are circular red reflectors arranged on triangular or rectangular panels and are used to indicate hazard and obstructions within the path of vehicles, like the channelizing island placed closed to the intersections.

Object Marker

Road Delineators are frequently used to show where lanes split or merge. Sometimes, the road delineator direct vehicles into the right lanes by indicating when a lane is shortening.

  1. IRC: 79 – 1981 – Recommended Practice for Road Delineators

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